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Mail Access

Mail Access started in 1985 as one of first 200 stores Nation wide operated under the namef “Mail Boxes etc.” franchise. The Franchise, with its tremendous success, reached over 2000 stores all over the world by mid 90’s.

In 1995, the senior partner Rashad decided not to renew his new 10 years contract with the franchise and decided for the business to become independent and to be operated under the new name of“Mail Access.” Mail Access was able to get out from the franchise and remain on a very good term with everyone at the corporate office of Mail Boxes etc.

Most of Mail Boxes etc. stores now operating their centers under the new name of “The UPS Store.”

Mail Access is currently owned by its founder Rashad Hassan and his business partner Ahmed Shalabi who became a partner in later years. Both partners handled managing the business professionally with their efficiency of providing the best service.

Mail Access remains in business effectively and successfully till now serving the Castro district in San Francisco, with memberships with MUMC, San Francisco Merchants Association, Neighborhood Postal Centers, and Associated Mail and Parcel Centers. It is also an authorized shipping agent of Fedex.